10 vodka drinks that you can whip up quickly

Ten vodka drinks that you can whip up quickly

Vodka may be used to create a wide range of drinks with diverse flavours and smells because of its versatility in mixing with nearly everything. Any of these possibilities, including fruity drinks, traditional beverages, and spicy drinks, can work for the situation you are in right now. Even if some are easier to produce, each has a distinct flavour that might meet your demands. If you’re pressed for time, you may quickly prepare a variety of vodka cocktails using components brought by an alcohol delivery service. Here is a list of 10 vodka-based drinks that you could try.


If you’re looking for something tangy and crisp, appletinis are fantastic. Your taste senses will be pleased by the chilly, fresh, juicy apple flavour that vodka may provide when combined with quality apple juice or cider. Additionally, making this beverage takes around 5 minutes. You will need 50mL of vodka, 50mL apple juice or cider, and 1 tsp. Of lemon juice and 1 tsp. Of maple syrup to make this cocktail. You may finally strain your apple martini into your glass and sip on your handcrafted beverage after your ice-cold shaker feels cool to the touch.

Dead Mary

The flavour of bloody mary is distinctive and highly savoury. This beverage is famous for being hot and includes some tomato soup-like components. You will need a large cocktail shaker, 10 minutes, and a lot of ice for this beverage. Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 25 ml of sweet sherry, 1/4 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, a few drops of spicy sauce, and a sprinkle of assorted spices with 125 ml of tomato juice and 50 ml of vodka. Salt, black pepper, celery salt, and fennel seeds are some of these seasonings. You may strain your Bloody Mary into a glass after vigorously shaking it.

Russian Mule

This quick and straightforward drink takes five minutes to prepare and can be made with almost any spirit. In contrast to other drinks, the Moscow Mule’s flavour is highly noticeable and has just the right amount of heat. Making a Moscow mule takes around five minutes. You must first combine 50 mL of vodka with 34 cups of broken ice before adding the remaining ginger beer and stirring everything together. After finishing all that, garnish your drink with a lime slice and a couple of dashes of ginger bitter.


The screwdriver is one of the most straightforward drinks to create that tastes just as good as the others. A cocktail like this takes roughly 10 minutes to prepare. First, one giant orange and one clementine, together with 50 mL of vodka, should be combined in a tall glass. The next step is to add a few ice cubes and whisk everything together. Once you’ve finished, it’s advised to complete the cocktail by adding a few dashes of Angostura bitters.


Making cosmos takes a few minutes, and they have a somewhat sweet flavour with a hint of sharpness from the lime. Unlike the other drinks on the list, this one is simple to create and only needs a few ingredients. To prepare this cocktail, you’ll need 50 mL of vodka, ice, one tablespoon of orange liqueur, lime juice, and 50 mL of cranberry juice. You may strain your Cosmo into a martini glass once you’ve given everything a good shake and combined it all.


A Caipirovska has flavours similar to light rum, including a hint of mildness and sweetness. Although several processes are involved in making this drink, it only takes around 5 minutes to finish. First, use a muddler, pestle, and mortar to smash two tsp of golden granulated sugar and tiny lime slices. After that, pour 50 mL of vodka into a cup with crushed ice. After that, you must thoroughly combine the components to ensure they all combine as they should.

Black Russian

Because it has a sweet and mouthwatering flavour, White Russian is ideal if you’re searching for something to sip on informally. Additionally, making this beverage doesn’t take very long—it just takes around 5 minutes. Only 50 ml of vodka, 25 ml of coffee liqueur, 1 tbsp of single cream, ice, and a cup are required. Your beverage is ready to serve once you’ve gently mixed these ingredients.

Citrus Drop

Except for the tiny vodka kick, this beverage has a flavour virtually identical to a cool glass of lemonade. If that’s what you’re after, this beverage is a perfect choice because it has a tangy, sweet, and smooth flavour. In a shaker, combine 50 mL of vodka with 25 mL of triple sec, 25 mL of lemon juice, and a few ice cubes to make a Lemon Drop. After shaking and straining your beverage, you must garnish the tip of your cup with 1 tbsp of white caster sugar and freshly grated lemon zest. This phase must be finished before the beverage may be savoured.

Ocean breeze

The sour and incredibly refreshing Sea Breeze is one such beverage. Not only does this drink’s colour conjure up pleasant vacation memories, but it also just only five minutes to prepare. One-half cup of ice, 50 mL of vodka, 100 mL of cranberry juice, and 50 mL of grape juice are needed to make one Sea Breeze. You may finally enjoy it after combining the ingredients in your cup.

Oh My Woo

Making woo woos is a lot of fun, and people enjoy their fruity flavour. 100 mL of cranberry juice, 25 mL of peach schnapps, 50 mL of vodka, and a few drops of lime juice make up a Woo Woo. It should be combined thoroughly in a shaker before being strained into an ice-filled cup. Your beverage is now prepared for serving and enjoyment.

Cocktails made with vodka are among the most well-liked alcoholic drinks among consumers, and for a good reason. These beverages come in a variety, and each one is just as excellent and distinctive as the others. The Appletini, the Bloody Mary, the Moscow Mule, the Screwdriver, the Cosmo, the Caipirovska, the White Russian, the Lemon Drop, the Sea Breeze, and the Woo Woo are some of the most advised vodka drinks. With the help of the Beer Delivery Toronto service, you may brew any of these beverages whenever you want, and they will all suit your demands.